Coal is Key in Keystone State

    With coal being an important natural resource in Pennsylvania—not only does the state get nearly half of its electricity from coal, it also provides thousands of jobs to Pennsylvanians—it’s no surprise that the President has made a stop in the Keystone State this week.

    Last year, we spoke with Pennsylvanians in Allentown about the importance of coal in their communities. As one Pennsylvanian told our team, “Coal is one of the most important industries in Pennsylvania. It has been for years, and should continue to be.”

    As the president’s bus swings through the Keystone State, it’s important to remind the campaign of this. Not only is coal important to Pennsylvania, it’s essential in an “all-of-the-above” energy portfolio.

    Coal-based electricity brings economic advantages to families and workers in Pennsylvania by keeping rates down for residents and small businesses owners in the state. Not only that, it provides thousands of jobs throughout the state.

    With economic advantages like thousands of jobs, stable electricity, and affordable rates, it’s clear why coal is key in Pennsylvania.

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