EPA Coal Regulations Cast Job-Killing Cloud Over PA’s Economy

    Commentary by PA State Rep. Rick Saccone:
    Pennsylvanians are being hit hard and fast by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) newest regulations. As recently reported, two regional coal companies were forced to downsize laying off hundreds of workers.

    However, this is just the tip of the iceberg for the 52,000 Pennsylvanians who rely on the coal industry for a paycheck. The EPA regulations have struck a major blow to all coal companies.

    These layoffs come at a time when our economy is struggling to stay afloat and hardworking Americans are fighting against an 8 percent unemployment rate.

    When people know the facts they are far less ready to wage war on coal. The bituminous coal found in Western Pennsylvania is vital to the state in terms of jobs and electricity generation. Ninety five percent of Pennsylvania’s bituminous coal ends up generating electricity and 56 percent is used to generate power right here in our own state.

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